Kikugawa play with nature, play with family and friends, spread to the majestic feel on the skin.

Fire tsurugisan area since ancient times known in the steep hillside that is rich in vegetables, buds and bracken, as well as early spring for spring, butterbur, many people goes into the mountains.

Campground fire mount tsurugi shrine entrance come down counterclockwise and furnished bungalows and campsites, showers, communal kitchen, toilet and can accommodate about 200 people. Bungalow surrounded by nature, rich is a stylish wood type. Scent of the surrounding greenery, tea, and wood aromas fill your mind?
Water flowing beneath the bungalow is cold, very nicely, shines a sky full of stars at night. Views from the observation deck is a spectacular panorama.

And relaxation

Healed by natural changes throughout the four seasons you can enjoy the lush and the sky, Breeze fresh feeling on the skin, free and kids play well, resting with family and friends square is filled with Kikukawa.

Wood Park.
OGA City South, Central Park is located south of the Ogasawara library, Community Center, and lawn and two multi-purpose, water play area, stage and terrace, size is approximately 1.8 ha also.

Obana Sports Park
Obana athletic park 1 stroke of the West industrial park. Many multipurpose Plaza was completely covered with grass, undulating in the area of the holiday and enjoying the golf ground. Night skiing is possible so equipped with night lighting.

Holongolf Club
18Holes, par 72, 7010 yards.
A vast rolling hills that were left alive and laid and blessed with enough distance and natural landscapes. Golf carts are equipped with.
♦ closed / 1 Tuesday, new year's day ♦ TEL /0537-36-5611
♦ URL /♦ 10 minutes from kikugawa IC on Tomei / access

Kikugawa country club
18Holes, par 72, 6434 yards.
Characterized by a flat, wide fairways. You'll end up tee, appropriate to the level of individual course exploits. Five-seat passenger cart complete.
♦ closed / no ♦ TEL /0537-36-1171
♦ URL /♦ 10 minutes from kikugawa IC on Tomei / access