Glimpses of the past

Middle Ages, which retains the soldier

Yokochi said in the clan Fujiwara South of Fujiwara no positive, since the Heian period early Warring States period 0/1476(1476)The flourished until being overthrown by Imagawa Yoshitada.
Old Yokochi village in this penetration and birthplace of the Yokochi last name across the country.
In the area specified in the prefectural natural park cherry blossoms and bamboo remain naturally rich in wild plants such as lilies, wild birds.

If you climb the stairs from the Lotus pond Park, get to the Observatory.
Fort prospect is spectacular scenic views of Mount Fuji in the wonderfully, especially East.

History traces the culture and history of the kikugawa city

You may meet a landscape of old days Kikukawa alive has a long history of Japan.

 Road salt

Salt was indispensable in our daily lives. Since time immemorial, we have pioneered the way for salt.
Pacific side of makinohara or salt buy slope down to market. And cross the kikugawa and crosses the road at Kakegawa Castle, to Shinshu and continued past mount Akiba has increasingly.
Other salts, is used in daily commodities, customs, culture and warfare developed road, now called "salt road" from the symbolic meaning.