Yamada's rice paddy art

To experience the art paint patterns in the paddy field in rice grain
Yamada's rice paddy art Kikukawa
Planting a rice paddy field campus in a different color field painting's art. Kikugawa city under Uchida in the local Executive Committee by planting in late June and late August Board of ornamental and late October harvest festival(Harvesting)And are planning a series of events, children and adults together, I enjoyed the rice growing experience.
This is a valuable opportunity to experience old fashioned hand planting or harvesting.
♦ venue and kikugawa-city under Uchida(Inari,)In rice field
♦ request-kikugawa-City tourism association TEL 0537-36-0201
♦ 10 minutes from kikugawa IC on Tomei / access


Use different colors of rice varieties, colored ears and huge picture emerge. Giant art Skydeck also appeared in appreciation of the views of 12 meters in height is compelling.

Blueberry Township

To experience the paradise of Blueberry
Blueberry Township
5.5in the HA estates early, middle and late also cultivated dozens of varieties of blueberries. Blessed with nature, surrounded in lush greenery "Please bear pond is" of banks offers a lovely dark purple fruit pickers. You can also enjoy barbecues and fishing which includes Blueberry pasta and wine, as well.
Is President of takauji owned Blueberry Township is working as a government-certified "charisma", also a wide range of seminars, such as regional tourism promotion and activation of the women entrepreneurs.
♦ open season and throughout the year
♦ picking blueberries / June-late August
♦ business hours: 9:00-4:00 PM
♦ closed on: Thursdays(Picking season is open.)
♦ TEL /0537-73-6636
♦ URL /http://www.blueberryogasa.com/
♦ 15 minutes from kikugawa IC on Tomei / access.