Kikugawa city Nicki minaj

 5月30日、31日 東京日本橋プラザビル南広場にて

 人気商品が揃っています。皆さんお誘いあわせの上、是非見に来てくださいね。                   菊川の人気物がお待ちしてます。

Magistrate House plum mitori


売店(毎週土・日開店)で 販売もされますが、 ご自分で梅の実取から始めてみませんか。




問合せは、 茶房 暁風庵売店 0537-73-3632 10:00~ 

Kikugawa town like

Event is held at the kikugawa Kikukawa red brick warehouse.

April 21-22, handmade exhibition

Please ask your favorite spot.

5/20(Day) had a good laugh at the storyteller '

Daily laughter forget stress reduction! Let.


Kikugawa tea learn deeply.

This nice city walk season.

Please share the city of kikugawa. Awaits you.

Amazon remeje

This week (4/9-13) of television Shizuoka "on top! Remeje Amazon "in kikugawa-city will be introduced.
Time 16:45-
Come on, turn on the TV watch.
Every day someone somewhere has appeared on the screen.

Kikugawa Park

Status of 3/29 Park is the best.

Had come to a blossoms and have been taking photos.

It will be up this weekend.

Kikugawa Park

Kikugawa Park lantern-lit bloomed cherry blossoms.

I think it was best this weekend.

Please slowly watching cherry blossoms at in a quiet atmosphere.

Cherry blossoms! Flowering!

Flowers was kikugawa Park.

   (3/2018 19, photography)

Good weather in the second half this week, ideal for enjoying seeing cherry blossom! Maybe.

Is the park for you. Please help us recycle takeaway.

(Nursery school nearby. Every day come for a walk. So keep in mind as a beautiful park to children)

The livable city Kikukawa one please help us in a beautiful park.


Kikugawa Park-cherry lit up ~

Kikugawa Park lighting starts with 3/24.

Today (3/16 morning 8 a.m.) of cherry in the rain.

Is like waiting to get out of the Sun.

Blooming is the weekend I guess.

And I hope that next week that good weather will continue.

Kikugawa Cherry Blossom Festival lighting



Here's the kikugawa WADA Park

The plum blossom is blooming.

Early blooming cherry blossoms on a bit more, it is open.

Plum blossom and cherry blossoms and the contest could be seen?