"Fried Chicks exhibition" Fong sannotani clay





(坊之谷土人形作家 高木宏氏4代目)

Largely non plush birthday

Largely non plush birthday

Cute Palm-size, put in her bag, the strap.

One 800 yen in kikugawa-city Tourism Association on sale! Was made.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays closed.

That Mitsuru

9?Is this Bimbo, long time no see I in I went.
But it is part of a familiarization tour Middle East region to metropolitan area travel agency.

Tour in the factory of sweet smell eye is glued

The following field I heard describing the rice paddy art, get fun in the eyes?

But this heart shine away, I forgot my work.

Close to please take a look at travelers. Nice bar next to the Ogasawara tea lunch.

But I well Festival

Kikugawa city becomes energetic event that is.

Kikugawa interchange off the Plaza in front of the Chamber of Commerce building in front of place des.
Come come close to a now-.

And the Moon is the appreciation society

Kikugawa Tanaka's rice paddy art "and Moonlight appreciation society" held 9/10.(Kikugawa city under Uchida area)

Is arising in the candlelight... 'Tengu' death. ...

Do you see?

One by one the lights is very fantastic and given power.

Go out to see night of the autumn next year who has missed this year.

Gather-industrial Festival

Kikugawa industrial 11/19 (Sunday) Festival

Who do not sign up for dance competitions in a variety of genres still have space.

I look forward to your participation. Please visit HP. kikugawakanko.com/

Tanno pond RC yacht Kikukawa Mayor's Cup

9/3 (Sunday) was held at the kikugawa tanno ponds rage com you trace.

Here tanno pond is a place suitable for RC model yacht No. 1 in the nation.

Bringing together people this year from around the country ago little handsome youth was

The technology competed.

Sorry no pics this time.

Kikugawa produced toys bean tasting



↑ ↑
The left "Edamame" right "beans".
↓ ↓

Iroha emerald green beans
The taste is thick

7/15, 16, tasting sold the Entetsu store Kikukawa.
Please try.