Loose Enshu Guido ride second day.

"Bike tour landmarks of kikugawa and wonder" second day of sunny good weather
It is a start (Kakegawa City)

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom this one? (River)

Kikugawa red brick warehouse(Kikugawa-Shi 掘之内)

At the banks of the kikugawa

One of the seven wonders of the Enshu "thrice chestnut" I see to makinohara large farms

Fall Festival stalls and

RC sailing Mecca tanno pond Park

What this... full midgets who... and for what-

Kuroda magistrate towards GO!

After hearing the description of the melon growers have a sample (1 0000 cut circles? )

Towards the Sun in the goal(Kikugawa city district in)

Like dorayaki, jelly, melon, tea, bun, similar.
Hope you enjoyed the eyes or tongue and self satisfied.

Thank you very much for your participation. It was one, thank you.
The next loose Enshu Guido ride Spring course to enjoy!
I would like to introduce the new Kikukawa.
Rentals are also available, so anyone feel free to apply visit.


The kikugawa Broadsword tail "sanngesannge" 7/14 torch to Mt. Fuji

"Is-it ちかげ by..." and chanting

In mid-July, will be held annually.


7月7日(土) 七夕の日、織姫・彦星(当協会役員)が観光施設研修会を開きました。

  ここは、↑    田んぼアート会場   9月30日(日)収穫祭

  ↑  丹野池公園  9月30日(日)市長杯ヨット競技会が開催されます。

  ↑  シンボルツリーの ヒイラギ  (とげとげしさが抜けて、まあるくなってます。人間と同じです。)

  ↑  今川氏の墓    


Blueberry Township



 お腹を満たし   満足度最大の研修でした。

 知っているようで 知らなかったこと 見つかりました。

 是非 皆様もちょこっと お出かけしてみませんか。

Yamada's rice paddy art Kikukawa

5January 20, (Sunday) rice planting is done, point bars were removed to 6/2.

Mascot "bigger?" cute debut! ↑

NIO-SAMA is crisp!

6-23(Soil) from start Tower watch limited 8/26 (Sunday) weekends and holidays.
Watch towers Please note footwear and clothes!

Plum of the Kuroda family's official residence

6Mitori plum, was scheduled at 17-16, but plum fruit ripens faster.

Want the real plum by phone please contact us.

Contact number dawn wind hermitage 0537-73-3632 (Kuroda)





問合せ 田んぼアート実行委員会090-7910-7296



But urban footpath art

3/17 rice terraces in the town of kikugawa is(Soil) to

"Gift from the countryside. "But urban footpath artWas held.

17At 20:00 2 hours and a half "gift" was 30 minutes. I learned different world of frogs or combing the sound of running water sounds, such as the illusion.

Tonn汁 product is hand filled, made by Mrs.daffi in the terraced rice fields (1 cup 100 yen) is relieved, more delicious
Took a little cold to happy, and

Handmade bamboo lantern is lit. In the afternoon "bamboo lamp lantern making! "Also were held.

Please, next time more people invite.

Owners of terraced rice fields, I also I wanted it.

But town'd check in terraced rice fields.

Kuroda family's official residence plum Festival

"Kuroda family's official residence plum Festival" "Fried Chicks exhibition" ended today.

To many of you thank you very much.

With this smile look forward next year visitors.

2/24 Kuroda family's official residence


開園期間 3月4日(日)までの 

I went to Marche

2June 10(土)に東京交通会館マルシェに行って来ました。