Kikugawa stall

8月4日 18時から 菊川駅前夜店市  始まります

本日もいい天気! 昨日より多くの人で賑わう  菊川。


8月3日、4日は 菊川恒例の 夜店市。



3月24日(土)開催のJR菊川駅南商店街 (グリーンモール)で行われる


出演します。 皆さん 朝市にお出かけください!


Thursdays Kikukawa industrial Festival being held in great success!

With good weather and lots of visitors we will!

Local celebrity! MIL ringtones ★

Kikugawa culture Hall AER come together! Kiku? also I'm going to cheer?

2Please support the local celebrity of the year. Come to our meeting!

What is 9/24?

9/24 (Sunday)What day?

It is a day of kikugawa.
 (1) community in the cultural Hall AER full moon concert (15:00-19:30)
(2) before the Chamber of Commerce building, but done well Festival (15:00-19:00)
(3) Murata's rice paddy art Kikukawa's Tower appreciation day (9:00-16:00)

The town of kikugawa town tour, why not?!
(2) the effective PR kikugawa? join the support Association in toy sales.

Kikugawa industrial Festival

11May 19, (Sunday) Kikukawa industrial ODORA-2017 Festival!

Kikugawa culture Hall AER held at dance competitions.

Application form fill out team photos

Kikugawa City tourism event Secretariat(Kikugawa-city Tourism Association) to me.

The deadline for9月11日(Moon) p.m. 5:00 punctualityIn the thank you.

Or enjoy Kikukawa one autumn day!

Look at the kikugawa-City tourism association.


Nice summer!

8/4 (Friday) 5, (Saturday) night (18:00-21:00) is in JR kikugawa station main street shopping

From the 8/12 (Saturday) day night (14:30-21:00), OGA is in Central Park

We gotta make the most of summer ~

Yamada's rice art rice planting Festival rice planting.

Tanaka I planted rice paddy art.

The mud was thinking fondly of old, while working.

You can look up on the Tower after July 22, weekends and holidays.

Whats in the delicious rice Curry for lunch.

Come join the planting next year please.

Next appreciation society 8/27 (Sunday) 10 pm-4: 00
Please look forward to!

Inquiry Tanaka's rice paddy art run Committee Chairman Ikeda Tadashi mobile 090-5850-9643

PR in Japan bridge event square

6/15 (Thursday), 16(Gold) for two days Tokyo Japan bridge with the kikugawa PR has been.

Chamber of certified goods to tomato tea's line of PR

Many people stopped for

Sold out. Am I now has the interest a little.

To enjoy again!