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2023Starts on Saturday, October 14, 2010!

Kikugawa industrial Festival 2023

This year's industrial festival was attended by more than 20,000 people.
Thank you very much.

◯ Information on lost items
We keep lost items on the day of the industrial festival. If you have any idea, please call the Kikukawa Tourism Association.
・Water bottles, scarves, children's hoodies, children's long-sleeved shirts, bandanas, gloves
(Photographs cannot be posted because it is a personal property)

\ We look forward to seeing you again next year! /
2024The annual Kikukawa Industry Festival will be held on Sunday, November 10th!
We will do our best to make the event a joy for both exhibitors and visitors!

JR Central Refreshing Walking

2023The refreshing walk in November has ended. Thank you very much for your participation.

Delicious Meat Day in Kikugawa Livestock Fair

Thank you very much for coming.
The next event will be held on February 18, Reiwa 6(soil)We are planning to hold the second livestock fair in Japan.

Bicycle rental is available for free!

The 2nd Kikugawa Bar!

Thank you very much for your enjoyment.

Rice Paddy Art Kikukawa 2023 The rice harvest is over, and this season is over!

2023In the year, I created rice field art with the theme of five lucky charms that are said to be good for first dreams with Prince Tokugawa Ieyasu. Prince Ieyasu's rice field art, which is gentle but dignified, was viewed by many people during the season. In addition, we would like to thank many of you for participating in the experience of rice planting ~ rice harvesting.

◇Location: Shimouchidachi, Kikugawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture (See map below.) )
◇Inquiries Tadashi Ikeda 090-5850-9643
Secretariat Seiji Ohashi 090-7910-7296

2022The 9th Photo Contest

Thank you very much for your entries to the Reiwa 4th edition of the "9th Kikugawa City Highlight" & "Kikugawa Highlights Photo Con 2022 on Instagram".

Kikugawa City Tourist Guide

Kikugawa City Tourist Guide English, Chinese, and Korean versions have been published!

Please take a look at it by all means.

Kikugawa City Tourist Association
Please feel free to contact
電話 0537-36-0201
8:30~17:15 Weekdays only
Fax 0537-28-8823 (24Time reception)


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