2018In October 18,. : アサギマダラの観察会
菊川市内で わたり蝶 「アサギマダラ」の観察会Will be held.

10月17日  数匹飛び回っていました。(ちょちょの道の駅10/17撮影:提供者匿名)


2018In October 17,. : テレビ放映
「町工場 世界の小さな巨人」 NHK総合

10月17日(水)  PM8:15~PM8:43  放送


どんなふうに 紹介されるのか 楽しみですね。

是非 見てください。



The 7th kikugawa highlight it

Beautiful landscapes and scenery, events, etc.
Photos you can PR kikugawa city throughout the year if everything is fine.

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Kikugawa-city special

Please go ahead and roll up your sleeves.

Kikugawa city welcome

Kikugawa city Kikukawa millet Yatsugatake mountains, foothills of the Southern Alps the river midstream.
Throughout the city, Jomon and Yayoi archaeological sites from the period, including
"Large farms in Japan" in the East, shaped by the large-scale development of the early Meiji era makinohara upland, widely known as the "tea city Kikukawa".
Various companies around JR kikugawa station, kikugawa IC of Tomei and South City Center, supporting leading-edge technologies more advanced, kikugawa city is continuously changing day by day.
Chopping the praise still continued despite the nature and many historical sites continued.
Festival music Park encompassed warms people's hearts, flowers, bright smile and laughter echoing around the city will bring peace of mind and the kindness.
Nature and kikugawa full of kindness, dangling or why not take a walk.

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