Ruins of Shishigahana Fort related to Prince Tokugawa Ieyasu Notice of the Reiwa 5th "Ohizamoto Market"
With the aim of promoting Shishigahana Fort, promoting the exchange population, and revitalizing the region, the following projects will be held this fiscal year as well as in the Reiwa 4th fiscal year.
◇ Name Tokugawa Ieyasu related place Shishigahana Fort Ruins "Ohizamoto City" holding project
~A large gathering of Kikukawa's delicious food, wonderful miscellaneous goods, fun workshops, performances, etc.~
◇Dates: June 3, June 10, June 17, Reiwa 5(All three Saturdays)        
◇Venue: Hasuike Park, Kokikuso Lobby, 88 Oishi, Kikugawa City
◇Time: 9am~12pm
【In Hasuike Park】
・27 food and beverage, miscellaneous goods, and workshop stores
・Calligraphy performances, musical instrument performances, and troupe performances
・Stamp rally held
On the day of the event, a stamp rally will be held with points from Shishigahana Fort, Hasuike Park, Kokikuso, etc., and customers who win stamp points will be given prizes such as local products by lottery.
(Ends as soon as the prize runs out, reception closes at 11:30 am)
【Kokikuso Lobby】
・ Mini painting exhibition by Yoshio Sugiyama from Kikugawa City, a place related to Prince Tokugawa Ieyasu
・Exhibition of winning works in photo contests

2022The 9th Photo Contest

Thank you very much for your entries to the Reiwa 4th edition of the "9th Kikugawa City Highlight" & "Kikugawa Highlights Photo Con 2022 on Instagram".

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