Any so-called Enshu Guido ride ~ autumn ~

1027, every so-called Enshu Guido ride-fall-is a day 1 start.

Nice red brick warehouse ↓

At makinohara upland ↓

In Kuroda magistrate ↓

Hey dose in kikugawa steamed tea and salt the way jelly!

Now to start when it rained, but sunny in the afternoon.

10March 27, (Saturday) 28, (Sunday)

Middle East-5 cities and one town tourism network (Iwata, Fukuroi, Kakegawa city, omaezaki city minamimori-machi, kikugawa-Shi)-sponsored

"Any so-called Enshu Guido ride 2018 - fall -"Be held.

Kikugawa city courses is E) at will. ↑ This smile is Kikukawa lap leader. Please come to see me.

Submission ↑

As a playful to believe.

Enjoy the fall of Enshu with all five senses.