Specialty products

Kikugawa specialty products

Kikugawa traditional skills and have a variety of delicious.

 Makinohara large tea garden

Makinohara large farms is about 200 m above sea level far sacred Mt. Fuji hope, large plantations of 5000 ha declined offshoots millet mountain in the Southern Alps to the North East.

And the development of makinohara Samurai 250 lost the status of the Samurai by actors too was started by families in the 0/1869.

They said laid the Foundation for the series of the Samurai turned to the farmer in the immense pain at the end of current large farms.

Brightly colored, such as tiled green carpet in season 5, eighty of tea shoots.

Shoots taken in picking will be healthy tea with a rich aroma and mellow, full-bodied flavor and calorie.

Is full of tea catechins that first body for great ingredients.

Kikugawa tea you can enjoy healthy lives here.

 Baked chick

Each of the all-Valley clay.

In the early Meiji period, learning and process from Mikawa as a sideline of the off-season, made by Takagi hidarimamol said beginning.

Bisque dolls lovingly named Aya, complete with chicks is very warm.

 Local sake




 Shiroshita sweets